Aura clearing cleaning is vital to your personal and spiritual growth! Your aura, the field of energy that surrounds your body, needs to occasionally be detoxified and healed of the damage that accumulates over time.

In some cases, people carry this damage from past lifetimes. Regardless of the cause of this damage, a toxic aura can negatively affect your thoughts, feelings and attitudes to a point that is destructive to your well-being. The good news is that this harmful damage can easily be erased, setting you free from the prison of self-limitation. To effectively clear an aura, I first seek out and list the types of negative or toxic energy that is lodged in the auric field.

These can be negative thought forms, anger spears, dark entities, addiction entities, old attitudes and emotions that have become toxic, hexes, curses, and open portalways in the subconscious.

These have to be identified in order to be removed. In addition to aura clearingI also determine to what arch angel realm the individual belongs, where their soul originated, and whether they have one or two God sparks. I determine the number of their spirit guides and which arch angel energies they bring to the individual.

The aura is then cleared and shields are placed around the individual for their protection. Just imagine the buildup of negative energy inside certain homes or businesses due to past events at those locations, various people who once lived or worked there, and residue from negative people simply passing through.

Many times, you can actually feel the denseness of the low energy when you enter such a dwelling. This is because negative energy can stick and linger inside such places like a kind of toxic waste that just floats around creating havoc. The good news here is that the clearing is instantaneous, everything unwanted is cleaned out at the time of the clearing. In this case, in addition to negative thought forms and entities, I look for earthbound spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, gateways and gatekeepers.

I also check for ley lines and battleground activity. The building and objects, such as furniture within the building are then cleared in the same way as the aura, by connecting to the appropriate arch angel realm. If you are an antique collector you may have acquired a good bit of negative energy along with the item. Even a new pair of shoes will carry the energy, for better or worse, of the various individuals who handled it during manufacture. An aura is a luminous energy field that surrounds both animate and inanimate bodies.

Everything and everybody has an auric field. Over ninety world cultures recognize the auric field and many esoteric disciplines have described the aura of human beings in great detail.

After a variety of medical doctors in America and Europe began to study the human aura. This led to actual measurement of the auric field.

Now the aura can even be photographed. This is called Kirlian photography.Your aura is simply an extension of you. When strong it acts as a protective shield. When fragile or damaged it can leave you drained, unwell and feeling disconnected from yourself. Particularly, when many ancient cultures from around the world believe, that illness first starts with a weakness in our auric field.

Years ago I completed a crystal healing practitioner course, and discovered how effective crystals are in cleansing, repairing and strengthen the aura. Black tourmaline would have to be my favourite as it can draw off and then transmute negative energies we may have knowingly or unknowingly been exposed too. This recipe helps removes chemicals from your physical body and negativity from your aura.

Soak for 20 minutes each day and repeat for 7 days. If you start to feel dizzy or a little weird leave bath immediately as you have successfully loosened and removed enough toxins and negativity for one day.

The smoke from white sage is known by the North American Indians to be very cleansing. I love white sage and have used it successfully for over 20 years to remove negative vibes that I sense in my home or around me.

Sage emits negative ions which is the good stuff you find in the air just after a storm or at the ocean. Lots of lovely sunshine is known to feed and expand the aura.

Spending time outside amongst nature is incredibly healthy for your body, mind and soul. The sun fuels you with energy, optimism and loads of vitamin D whilst nature nourishes your senses and grounds you. Swimming in the ocean or soaking in a salt water bath greatly helps to cleanse the aura and draw out stress.

Visual Aura and Scotomas: What Do They Indicate?

Grab a handful of sea salt and rub it all over your skin before showering. It helps remove dead skin cells, refreshes your aura and draws out toxins. Cold showers have the ability to clear away negativity in your auric field, remove toxins, improve circulation and draw out tension from your body. I have personally put the cold shower theory to the test for a whole 3 months over summer a few years ago. The results were amazing. My thoughts were clearer, I felt lighter, more energy and things which normally bothered me and hung around my thoughts for days — came and went with ease.

It helped me greatly through a very difficult time in my life. Sound is recognized by many ancient cultures as a healing tool. The sound from Tibetan singing bowls and crystal bowls are well known for their ability to dissolve negativity and clean your energies. Listening to their sounds before going to sleep is an easy way to support your overall well-being.

Labradorite has been shown by Kirilian photography to heal tears in the auric field by preventing leakage. Holding a labradorite crystal for 20 minutes will last for about 12 hours after the stone is no longer worn. The radiation and frequencies which are emitted from electrical gadgets, I believe, can interfere with our bodies own natural rhythms, cycles and well-being.

damaged aura symptoms

Spending too long, at close range, to these man made frequencies can build up static in your auric field and can cause disturbances. Make your bedroom a priority to be as electrical free as possible. Charge all your gadgets away from your bedroom or at the very least away from your head when sleeping.Working as a medical intuitive I regularly speak with people who suffer from mysterious ailments that resist either diagnosis or treatment.

In a significant number of those cases I find evidence of a torn aura. In those cases, repairing the aura usually yields dramatic improvements and allows traditional treatments to function effectively. An aura is nothing other than the layer of electromagnetic energy emitted by our bodies that is closest to our physical bodies. It has no definite boundaries and can best be compared to the corona of the sun, the area closest to the sun where the solar energy is at its most dense.

A normally functioning aura does the same.

How to Protect Your Energy -- Tips For Empaths to Prevent Psychic Attack

It helps keep the energy we generate through our metabolism inside our own bodies, thus maintaining a healthy high energy state, and shields us from sharp thought forms such as anger, sadness etc. But how can other people know whether their aura is torn? Here are some warning signs that point towards a torn aura.

One of the most important warning signs of a torn aura is uncontrollable empathic abilities that seem to occur without the will of the person experiencing them. Everyone can be empathic, but people with a torn aura have no choice. By empathic, I mean that a person senses or knows what people near them are feeling. A second warning sign that often accompanies a torn aura is anxietyespecially in a crowd.

Related to the anxiety is a sense of being vulnerable, of not being safe except when alone. The fourth warning sign that points to a torn aura is the repeated failure to benefit from energy work such as pranic healing, reikiEFT, homeopathic remedies etc. There is almost always a short term benefit, but the benefit never seems to last.

The second, third and fourth warning signs often accompany a torn aura but can occur for other reasons as well. The first however, is a strong indicator of a torn aura. When coupled with other warning signs, an aura system examination is strongly recommended. He can be contacted at www.

Warning Signs Of A Torn Aura

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What are the Symptoms of Vagus Nerve Damage?

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damaged aura symptoms

Post new comment Please Register or Login to post new comment.Visual aura represent a type of neurologic deficit familiar to any eye care practitioner.

Although classically preceding migraine or seizure, an aura, simply defined, is a symptom, not a medical condition unto itself. Likewise, terms such as visual scotomasamaurosis fugax or transient visual obscurations also represent a disturbance of vision; however, they do not classically precede migrainous headache or cortical seizure activity and are associated with other types of pathology.

Nonetheless, each term, when used in the right circumstance, may define remarkably similar visual deficits in one or both eyes. A substantial list of differentials must be considered when a patient describes such visual disturbances, some associated with significant morbidity.

Because of this, the complaint of visual aura or scotoma requires a comprehensive evaluation and should not simply be assumed to be migrainous a diagnosis of exclusion. An understanding of the different types of aura and scotomas and how they present allows eye care practitioners to differentiate causes and order testing appropriately for potentially very different pathologies.

Presentation and Pathogenesis Visual auras or scotomas are not blur. A visual aura is a transient or longstanding visual perceptual disturbance experienced with migraine or seizure that may originate from the retina or the occipital cortex. Aura can be defined as either positive seeing something that is not there or negative not seeing something that is there. Furthermore, an actual image may be adulterated appears larger, perseverates, etc.

Visual auras may be transient e. The definition of visual scotoma is similar to that of visual aura. The differentials for scotoma likewise include migraine and seizure, but the term is more appropriately linked to ischemia, retinal degenerations and inflammations, paraneoplastic syndromes and other neurologic disorders.

For visual scotomas, the primary pathogenesis may occur at the level of the receptors, retinal arterial tree, short posterior ciliary arteries, ophthalmic artery, optic nerve, carotid artery, vertebrobasilar artery or cerebral hemisphere. Migrainous types of aura actually involve no detectable tissue pathology as well as little or no expectation of permanent deficit; however, migraine with aura has demonstrated increased risk of stroke.

Other causes of visual scotoma may be self-limited or require significant intervention to prevent further morbidity or mortality. Retinal Causes Aura that originates in the retina will present solely as an unformed scotoma or visual defect that is either positive or negative. At the retinal level, formed images are not possible. Unilaterality is practically essential to attribute aura to the retina.

On average, retinal aura lasts up to one hour and is most commonly embolic and rarely migrainous. A negative visual aura deemed secondary to embolization is commonly referred to as amaurosis fugax. The Amaurosis Fugax Study Group has defined five distinct classes of transient monocular blindness based on their supposed cause: embolic, hemodynamic, ocular, neurologic and idiopathic.

Retinal migraine may result in the same type of visual deficit negative aura ; however, positive scotoma or blindness is also possible. Note that retinal migraines are often, but not always, associated with headache on the same side as the visual deficit within an hour. Embolic events also may or may not be associated with headache.

Because monocular transient vision loss localized to the retina classically referred to as amaurosis fugax may have many causes, meticulous case history is important. It is critical that patients and their internist be counseled by the eye care provider regarding appropriate testing to assist in diagnosis from a large potential differential. Again, note that migraine is a diagnosis of exclusion.Visual aura is basically a benign neurological condition that generates simple to complex optical effects.

While it may occur on its own, it is known to precede or accompany a migraine. Visual aura may or may not reoccur and this depends greatly on what caused it in the first place.

For someone who has never experienced such a disturbance in vision, an aura can prove extremely worrisome, especially if it is a more complex optical effect. However, even the most simple of visual disturbances can interfere with driving which is why it is recommended to avoid performing complex tasks until the optical effects of a visual aura withdraw.

Here is a list of simple and complex optical effects that can be classified as visual aura : 1 Bright flashing or flickering lights.

Scintillating scotoma is a particular type of visual aura. Lines, arcs or flickering lights, either white or colored may occur. Scotoma is a type of visual aura that refers to actual blind spots or dark pathches that start in the scotoma area and slowly spread towards the center of the eye.

This type may come to obscure vision in one eye almost completely. While seizures are rare occurrences, migraines are very likely to occur. Usually, visual auras accompany migraines in the majority of cases.

It was a couple of years back and I was driving into town at noon on a beautiful summer day. Almost instantly I started seeing several shimmering, whitish lines which appeared to move across my field of vision. Visual aurae can have a variety of causes or can be a side effect of another medical problem or condition such as migraines. If you experience both migraines and visual aura, then what is causing your migraines is also causing the visual aurae.

Here is a list of potential triggers of visual aura : 1 Stress and sleep deprivation. These retina cells convert light into signals that help us understand the visual world. But with time, the vitreous humour the gel-like substance in between the retina and the lens may either liquefy or collapse. This means that the vitreous tugs on the retina, causing an innappropriate activation of the photoreceptor cells and subsequent flickers, shimmers or flashes of light.

This would explain why loud noises, lifting weights and lack of sleep lead to visual aura. However, the symptoms should last no more than minutes at a time and resolve themselves in days at most. How long do visual aurae last? Symptoms may last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. If they occur for more than days, then a visit to the ophthalmologist is in order to rule out any serious underlying health problem. Unlike visual aurae, eye floaters are particles physically present in the vitreous humour of the eye and usually do not disappear.

Visual auras do not generally require treatment, but rather resolve themselves. But for this to happen, you may need to identify what has been causing these optical disturbances in the first place and learn to avoid it. If the optical effects are a only a symptom of an underlying medical condition, then it is best to see your doctor for professional treatment.

Here are a few tips and tricks that may help prevent and even treat visual auras : 1 Getting enough sleep.Aura is the energy shield around us which protect us from all the negativity including illnesses. Often our aura get weak and we become susceptible to negative energies which can harm us in all ways like mentallyemotionally, physicallycareer wise, relationship wise.

Here I am going to list out signs which can help you know that your aura is weak or broken. You go through extreme emotions like getting angry or cry without having a strong reason for the same. You are finding yourself unable to make decision for even small things like what you want to eat and this can be at every state of decision, no matter how small or big it is. You feel very low energy especially when you come back after meeting many people or even interacting with unknown people in public areas.

You have become fearful of going out alone or performing anything which you use to be confident about. Basically loss of self confidence is a big sign of aura weakness. You are keeping unwell very often and catching coldcough kinda problems again and again. Also medicines will work slow on your physical body. You have become lazy and skipping all your gym, yoga or all sorts of exercises due to loss of energy. You loose all excitement of doing things which you use to enjoy, you only feel like lying down and resting.

Feeling as if someone is trying to talk to you, listening to whispers and sometimes feeling a presence when you know no one is actually around you. This only happens when your aura is gone broken. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Standard Posted by Dr. Madhu Kotiya. Posted on May 12, Posted under candle magickconnecting with angelsenergy healerenergy healingheal yourselflawofattractionlearn tarot card readingmanifestation classmeditationmind trainingpsychic protectionpsychic readerUncategorized.

Comments Leave a comment. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required.Learn something new every day More Info The vagus nervealso referred to as the tenth cranial nerve, begins in the brain and extends downward into the abdomen.

This nerve supplies areas of the body such as the brain, the heart and lungs, and various organs of the digestive system. Damage to this nerve can cause a host of medical issues and symptoms, including trouble talking or swallowinghearing loss, or heart or digestive problems. Bladder issues leading to incontinence are often reported in patients with vagus nerve damage as well.

One of the more common symptoms of vagus nerve damage is vocal changes, or changes in a person's voice. The voice may start to sound a bit hoarse if the larnyx, or voice box, has suffered damage. Vagus nerve damage can also cause the patient to have trouble moving the tongue as intended when trying to speak, leading to speech difficulty.

A condition known as dysphagia is another common symptom of vagus nerve damage. Dysphagia is a medical condition in which the normal act of swallowing becomes difficult and sometimes even a bit painful.

damaged aura symptoms

Since the vagus nerve is responsible for controlling many of the muscles in the mouth and tongue, damage to this area prevents some of the movements needed for swallowing. A person's gag reflex is strongly controlled by the vagus nerve. Therefore, when this nerve has suffered damage or injury, the gag reflex can be reduced or even lost. This can lead to the risk of choking on food or drink or even on saliva. If the vagus nerve damage affects the part of the ear it supplies, hearing loss may occur.

One of the more serious results of vagus nerve damage can be cardiovascular damage affecting the function of the heart and circulatory system. Irregular heartbeat, a condition known as arrhythmiais the most common of these symptoms.

Arrhythmia can cause chest pain, dizzinessand shortness of breath. Digestive problems can sometimes occur as a result of vagus nerve damage. Persistent constipation is often a symptom of nerve damage in this area. This is most commonly due to abnormalities in the way the stomach and intestines contract.